Related eBooks The COVID pandemic of 2020 may have caused the 6-month shutdown of the school where I taught, but it hasn’t caused me to stop teaching altogether. Being forced to stay home for an extended period allowed me the opportunity to work on several projects I had been holding
Since mid-March and the temporary closure of the language school that employs me, I’ve been adhering to quarantine. However, I have been taking the whole thing as an opportunity to do some things I hadn’t had the time for previously. You know, trying to turn a negative (the pandemic) and
In partnership with ENGLISH O CANADA from Toronto, today I hosted a live grammar Q & A show. Here is the video of it.
Can Plastic Own the Fork?
In the mid-2000’s I began to notice an undercurrent of anti-Chinese sentiment surfacing across the country. Such racism has existed within our society since the first immigrants came in the 1800’s, and though largely diffused over time, or as some would have it, repressed by civility and political correctness, it
The Real Reason Nobody Can Live in Downtown
Exciting developments are afoot! Recently, we launched a donation campaign to raise funds in support of ongoing efforts to produce the English Weirdness video series. As a result, together we have raised enough money to fund the next two episodes. I am personally deeply grateful for all those who contributed,
Donate to help us continue producing English Weirdness videos This past year, I began producing the video series, English Weirdness. Some of you may have already seen an episode on Youtube. If this is the case, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. The feedback thus far has been supportive and encouraging,
Words, my friends, are powerful things. They both express and shape our thoughts. As such, we need to be careful, choosey, about what words we allow ourselves to speak, and thus what thoughts we allow ourselves to think, believe, and above all else, act upon. As a teacher of English-as-a-Second Language,