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Paul Duke lives, instructs and tutors English, studies and writes in Canada and Japan.

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Donate to help us continue producing  English  Weirdness This past year, I began producing the video series, English Weirdness. Some of you may have already seen an episode on Youtube. If this is the case, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. The feedback thus far has been

The Two Words That Turn Us Into Losers

Words, my friends, are powerful things. They both express and shape our thoughts. As such, we need to be careful, choosey, about what words we allow ourselves to speak, and thus what thoughts we allow ourselves to think, believe, and above all else, act upon.



Remember What?

English Weirdness Comes to Japan!

It is with great excitement that I share this news. This past Wednesday, September 12 2018, in a live and online press conference coordinated with the local media in Japan, it was formally announced that my “English Weirdness” Youtube series is to be used as part