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Paul Duke lives, instructs and tutors English, studies and writes in Canada and Japan.

English Weirdness, episode 3

Can Plastic Own the Fork?

An early work of short fiction:

In the mid-2000’s I began to notice an undercurrent of anti-Chinese sentiment surfacing across the country. Such racism has existed within our society since the first immigrants came in the 1800’s, and though largely diffused over time, or as some would have it, repressed by civility and political correctness,

English Weirdness, episode 2

The Real Reason Nobody Can Live in Downtown

The Weirdness is Spreading

Exciting developments are afoot! Recently, we launched a donation campaign to raise funds in support of ongoing efforts to produce the English Weirdness video series. As a result, together we have raised enough money to fund the next two episodes. I am personally deeply grateful for all those who

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