About Teacher Paul

Paul Duke lives, instructs and tutors English, studies and writes in Canada and Japan.

The Two Words That Turn Us Into Losers

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Remember What?

English Weirdness Comes to Japan!

It is with great excitement that I share this news. This past Wednesday, September 12 2018, in a live and online press conference coordinated with the local media in Japan, it was formally announced that my “English Weirdness” Youtube series is to be used as part

Mishima, Nationalism, and an ESL Literary Mystery Human Board Game and Field Trip to Kinkakuji

Nationalism is a troubling political force. Always there like a glowing ember in a fading fire, it lies in wait for the crafty politician to fan the flames with patriotic stirrings.  And it is on the rise. We can see it in Donald Trump’s USA, already a place