I’m a writer too, so I know how challenging writing well in English can be. Get help proofreading your research papers, essays, business documents, emails, letters, or even your creative writing. Documents can be submitted online or exchanged in person.

How to meet, and prices:

Step 1: Contact me through the contact form on this page. Let me know what sort of editing or proofreading you are interested in, and when your deadline is. I will confirm with you via email, and provide a price based on the paper length and how quickly you need it.

Step 2: Once you agree to my price, go to the Paypal button on the home page and choose the correct payment type. You can make your payment there. Please make the payment before the editing begins.

Step 3: If it isn’t already there, copy and attach your Word file, or ‘share’ a Google Doc with me. This will allow us to interact on the paper.

Price: Though prices vary depending on the page count, a typical two-page essay might cost $60 Canadian. This includes an online video review of your paper that we will do after the editing is complete. We’ll go through my suggestions and corrections in detail together.

Step 3: Download the free app for Zoom.us so we can interact through online video in our review of the editing. Our appointment will be scheduled through Zoom and will connect us automatically a few minutes before our lesson.