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The reason a Japanese man chose to study in Sweden.

In 2010, I came across an interesting book written about Sweden, “The Sweden Paradox”. I’d already known the fact that Sweden succeeded in creating both a strong economy and stable society, but this book helped me understand how such a challenging goal had been realized by the country. Back in the time, Japan was facing the sharp appreciation of its currency, which caused a number of negative economic consequences especially in manufacturing fields. In addition, Japan’s political situation also became chaotic in those days. Since I was working in an industry where the economy was declining, I had a lot of free time and was reading a lot of books. So, I think I was trying to learn something from the book (Sweden Paradox) and absolutely I was hooked on it. The Major Premise in the Swedish society According to Sweden Paradox, Sweden’s major premise can be said to be “Saving Humans”:

1. They have a fair society where people make efforts to never make any loss.

2. Inevitable expenses and burdens are basically aided by the government.

3. Therefore, in any case, people are able to live basic lives as human beings. It can be clearly seen that a number of benefits are provided equally by the government in Sweden. In other words, the government has a strong sense of equality and responsibility. Hence, people trust politicians and accept even strict policy, which turns out to be virtuous circle. This positive phenomenon can also be seen in the education filed. To be continued …


Source: Yumoto, K., & Sato, Y. (2010) Sweden Paradox. Tokyo: Nikkei Publishing Inc

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